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7 Steps for Cold Calling with Realhound CRM Notes and Tasks.

7 Steps for Cold Calling with Realhound CRM Notes and Tasks.

7 Steps for Cold Calling with Realhound CRM Notes and Tasks.They are the Best in Breed.

Here are steps to create notes and tasks from calling a new vendor to add to your business.

Our first example is with our contact, Eric Sweeney, with West Janice Healthcare Center. With this contact, we will need a phone number, if it's missing.  If we had a phone number, there would be one in the phone number field.

  1. We're going to make it cold-call.
  2. Let's say we leave a message with this person.
  3. There's nothing more for you to do.
  4. Save your note.
  5. When you save it, here is what happens.
  6. In the note, it says, "Cold-call. Left a message."
  7. The username and the date and time. Once you add the note, you can then drop the contact, and we're going to go to the next person.

Our next example is our contact, John Rogers, with Countryside Estates. What we'll do is basically, we will keep calling down our list and trying to get through to everyone to see if they could use our services.

You never know when you call a vendor or supplier, maybe they're not happy with the current transportation providers they currently use, or they have perhaps someone in-house, something like that.

Create a Task:

  1. Add a task on your topic to follow up on with your contact.
  2. Example: "Would like to follow up later next week."
  3. If yes, that is wonderful, so what you want to do is create a follow-up task.
  4. The task is to follow up sometime early next week, and say to call to talk. Maybe Tuesday. Call around the same time, around 11:00 AM.
  5. Make a note of requirements for the callback.
  6. Contact wants a full list of services and costs.
  7. Save this information as my task, and I'm going to keep my note.

 And again, I can drop this contact and go on to the next person to complete your cold call list for today.

Check out the video for step by step.

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