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Are you struggling to find new business? Realhound CRM makes cold calls simple.

Are you struggling to find new business?  Realhound CRM makes cold calls simple.

COVID has changed our way of meeting new clients, but with Realhound's CRM, cold calling is a best practice used by many and made simple with Realhound's CRM. Cold calling is about calling on prospects that you are trying to start a relationship with to negotiate a deal. With Realhound CRM, you can keep all your information with each contact as you call down your list and create follow up tasks for the future calls.

Here is an example of how you can use the cold call feature in Realhound CRM in your business.

Suppose you are a vendor such as a transportation service provider wanting to add more businesses to your client list.

The goal is to call on nursing homes that are in our location area, so we can set up a contract with a senior center and provide them your transportation services. Realhound CRM can help you keep track of your calls, and the notes on each contact.

See our video that shows this example in detail.

We have in our Realhound CRM a list of senior citizen providers that are all over the country.

  1. We want to find our closest prospects. Our example is in the Austin, Texas area.
  2. Example search by just Austin, or because we may have offices in Houston, Dallas, and throughout Texas and Oklahoma.
  3. In Reahound's CRM, you can change the search criteria to include Texas and Oklahoma.
  4. Click  the search button
  5. Include state equals Texas. And I'm also going to include Oklahoma.
  6. Results will show all in the two states and show all the senior centers properties and contacts.
  7. That brings up 1,517 properties.
  8. Show the list of properties
  9. Click the go-to contacts option.
  10. Out of 1500, I only have 38 contacts that are associated with those locations.
  11. Our first call will be Mary Baker and to the right Houston County Nursing Home.
  12. She has an ownership interest in the property, also identified as potentially the primary owner. So we know who this person is and what property they're associated to.

See the video to show step by step how to create a contact list in specific locations so you can increase your business opportunity using Realhound's CRM.




If you found this helpful and you need to track your contacts, your vendors, and even your team within just a matter of seconds, it's all right here in the Realhound CRM.

Reach out to our sales team for a demo to learn more about how Realhound can help you manage your business, teams, and clients.

Call us: (949) 309-2810

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