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Why Wont You Need These Anymore? Realhound CRM

Why Wont You Need These Anymore? Realhound CRM

Link your notes and tasks to your contacts. Here is how...

Realhound CRM helps you keep all your notes and tasks linked in one place, no more post-it notes to lose.

If a person is linked to multiple properties that they are over such as the Director of Countryside of States, and Houston Healthcare Facility, they have numerous properties, the one you maybe are talking to specifically about is this one you link the note.

If you are talking to contact about all the properties, you can link that historical note directly to the one property that you are discussing with them. Once you add the note, you would drop that contact. Then, go on to the next contact and make your cold call and keep going until you get to the end of your cold call list. If you are trying to track maybe how many calls you're making per day to try to get new contracts, you can hit the cold calling call list tab.

Cold Call Tracking


Click on the tab sales statistics; this gives you data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can see how many cold calls you made,  in this case, that day, the day before, the day before that, and so on. So you've got four days in a row, four weeks, four months in a row. So you made four cold calls, and you reached three. Okay. The sales statistics tab also allows you to run a report. So you can see in detail, all the calls you made, that you reached what the contact was and then what the comments were. And then you get a roll-up of data.

Get back to your list where you left off…


Let's say you go to lunch, and you want to pick up where you left off. What you would do is go back to your properties, rerun your search. Your search was that the state equals Oklahoma in Texas.

  • You run this search. And instead of going to the properties, you can go directly to the contacts from here.
  • So we click go to contact.
  • Go to contacts.
  • We've got the original 38 cold call list.
  •  Now we know we have already talked to Mary Baker.
  •  Next, what we want to do is go to our cold calling call list, call these currently selected contacts. But notice in step two, we're going to remove contacts who have already been reached.
  • So if we've already talked to this contact, we want to drop them from our list.
  • So, in this case, we're going to drop them if we talked to them earlier today, last week.
  • Remove contacts which we've left for the same thing; we want to drop them from our list.
  • If we've identified someone as a do not call, we do not want to include them on the list.
  • If you've identified someone that doesn't have a phone number, do you want to include them? We're going to say yes for right now.

This is how we create a cold call list. What this is doing is it's saying, okay, we had 38 in our inventory. We reached two, and we left a message for one. So we're down to 35 calls left to make. And then we hit the go-to contacts. So again, what that does is we had our list. We were jamming through it. We go to lunch, come back. And when we want to pick up where we left off, maybe we looked up some other things, and we lost our list. So we start back at the property section, rerun the same search, and then go to the cold calls and call lists and narrow down that contact list.

So then again, we can jump back in. We don't have to worry about whether or not we reached this person already or not. And we start making our calls again. Now, if you remember, we put up a task to call someone at a later time. This goes into today section under the task list. We'll have another training video on how to manage your calendars and your tasks. We'll go into detail about how you need to follow up based on the task that you create from your calls. I hope you enjoyed this session. Thank you for watching it.



If you found this helpful and you need to track your contacts, your vendors, and even your team within just a matter of seconds, it's all right here in the Realhound CRM.

Reach out to our sales team for a demo to learn more about how Realhound can help you manage your business, teams, and clients.

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