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Realhound CRM Mobile App- Why It’s The Ulti-Mutt

Realhound® CRM App tracks your contacts, team, vendors, properties, and notes.  Whether you own a chain of fast-food restaurants or provide janitorial services for multiple locations, Realhound® allows you to track your contacts, notes, property activity, and photos and share this data with your team. No other CRM offers this amount of functionality.

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Need More Speed? Max Your Buffer

Realhound CRM running slow? Here are some tips to help. The first option if you’re having any speed issues with your Realhound classic desktop platform is to turn off your user account control settings.

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Troubleshoot: Update With the Latest Version of Realhound CRM

If you are having performance issues when trying to use the Realhound desktop platform, it can be due to a Microsoft update. Microsoft will come out with a new version, and it makes the performance of Realhound slow on your machine. To troubleshoot this our best recommendation is start by installing the new the most recent version of Realhound:

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3 Tips on How To Be One Of The Vital Few.

3 Tips on How To Be One Of The Vital Few. The Law of the Vital Few 80/20 Rule In any given group from any industry, the highest-paid and most highly recognized people are those who consistently outperform their peers. To these victors go the lion’s share of the...

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The True Value of Your Time

Have you ever stopped to consider the value of your time in a scenario where you accomplish everything by yourself with no outside assistance? This would mean that closing a real estate deal would have the same time value as buying a roll of stamps.  In other words,...

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Data Imports? Have no fear; We Have a Wizard and Doctor to Help Us.

Data Imports have no fear; we have a wizard and doctor to help us. There are only two ways to warehouse all of your data—the easy way and the hard way.  The easy way is to use the companion software, REALHOUND®. The hard way is to use anything else.  When you choose to use REALHOUND®, your data is stored in the most advanced database that you can buy for your business.  It organizes your data so you can retrieve it quickly and logically.

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8 Ways to Keep Tabs on Your Contacts.

Keeping tabs on your contacts is what we do best. It’s 2020 and customer relationship management (CRM) software is now a must-have for most businesses. Companies increasingly realize the need for a CRM. Without one, it’s more difficult than ever to compete and grow...

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