Scheduled Tasks are not Displaying Correctly

Introduction (Please Read)

The purpose of this document is to show you how to fix your database when your tasks are no longer displayed correctly in the program. You can tell that this is a problem when you schedule a task for yourself (or a member of your team) and it does not show up in BOTH your Task list in the Today section or on your “Me” contact record. This problem is caused by the changing the name of the Administrator contact record in the database to your name instead of creating a new “Me” contact record when you first started to use the program.

Things To Remember…

1) If you are on a SQL database (Typically teams of 5+ or a network version supported by your IT department) please contact your IT department before proceeding.
2) If you are using a ShareAnywhere® live database please remember that changes made to your database can adversely affect other users of that database
3) Make sure that you backup your database BEFORE proceeding (File>Backup Agent) or if you are using a SQL database, please contact your system administrator or IT department.

Create a new “Me” contact record

You can create a new “Me” contact record and change the old “Me” contact record back to the Administrator contact record. The process is very simple and quick.

Step 1 Login to your database as the Administrator.
Step 2 Locate your current “Me” contact record by pressing the Me button at the top of the screen and change the contact field to Administrator.
Step 3 Create a new contact record with your contact information in the fields.
Step 4 Under the File menu, select Administration>Users & Teams… . Select your User name (if you don’t have a user name, add one now) and change the “Me” contact to the newly created contact record from step 3 above.
Step 5 Close the program.
Step 6 Login to your database under your normal User name (or the user name you just created) and password.
Step 7 Create a new Task and check your new “Me” contact record under the Task radio button and check to see if your contact record now shows the newly created Task.


If you are using the ShareAnywhere® technology (Silver cookies etc) you must make sure that all newly added users to your database have a password, appropriate visibility (security level) and have the live connection checkbox checked or they will not be able to connect.

You must also click the Refresh Users button on the File>Live… screen to update the ShareAnywhere® security. You have skipped a step if the user has no Silver cookies or Silver cookies with a yield sign in the system tray.

Turn off Task Alarms

Turn off Task Alarms

Introduction (Please Read) This document will help you turn on task alarms. The Task Alarm feature will pop-up to remind you of pending appointments or tasks scheduled in your database. Step 1: Under the file menu, move your mouse pointer to “User Interface…” and select it. Step 2 Select the box next to “Show Task Alarms”. A check mark in the box means that the feature is on. Close the user interface screen. 7