Outlook Sync Troubleshooting Guide

Outlook Sync Troubleshooting Guide

 Introduction (Please Read):

This document will provide you with the steps needed to ensure that the Outlook Sync is setup properly to sync with Realhound.

Please note that the two most reasons why Outlook will not sync are:

1. Not pressing the Refresh Folders drop-down in Step 1
Step 2
2. Selecting the incorrect folder in Step 2 of the Outlook Sync screen. Be sure that the folder selected in Step 2 is the same folder where your emails, contacts, tasks, and calendar are saved in Outlook.
Step 1
Step 1: Attend an Outlook Sync Class to understand the best practices and common mistakes to avoid.

Step 2: Ensure that your user in your Realhound database has both a Me contact and an email address listed. For more information on setting up your User record, please attend a Setup training class or click on the link to review how to Setup Users in your Database.

Step 3: Verify that there aren’t any duplicates of your Me contact. You can do this by searching for your name in the Contact section of Realhound and verifying that not more than one contact record appears for your name.

Step 4: Check to see that your Me contact has your Outlook email address in the Email 1 field. To get to your Me contact, select the “Me” button on the top toolbar.

Step 5: Ensure that your antivirus is turned off in order to not interfere with the synchronization.

Step 6: If using Windows XP, ensure that you have Windows XP Service Pack 3 installed. Please see the Windows XP SP3 Guide to see if you have this important update installed.

Step 7: If using Windows Vista, ensure that you have followed the Windows Vista Setup Guide to ensure that the security settings within Vista have been setup to allow Microsoft, Realhound and other programs to run properly.

Step 8: Verify that you have Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 3 installed (this must be done even if you’re using Office 2007). Please see the TechDoc on Installing Office 2003 Service Pack 3.

Step 9: Be sure that you’ve clicked the Refresh Folder button first in Step 1 on the Outlook Sync screen.

Step 10: Be sure that you have selected the correct email folder in Step 2 on the Outlook Sync screen. Verify this by making sure that the folder name selected in the drop-down is the same folder where your contacts, emails, tasks, and calendar are saved in Outlook.

Step 11: Retry the synchronization. If you are still experiencing an issue, please send an email to the Support Department from within the program and include a screenshot of the following:

Your Outlook program, including the list of folders on the left side of the screen
The Outlook Sync settings screen within Realhound (be sure you have clicked the Refresh Folders button and selected your desired sync folder
Your User record from the Users & Teams screen
Your Me contact record

Outlook Synchronization – Best Practices for Syncing Contacts

Introduction (Please Read): This document will provide you with an understanding of how contacts sync between Realhound and Microsoft Outlook. Important: It is strongly recommended that you only sync updated information from one direction at a time during a sync. What this means is that if you plan on updating contact information from your BlackBerry (or other Smart Phone) or from Outlook, as well as directly within Realhound, you need to run the Outlook Sync before doing so. Failure to run the sync first will most likely result in some of the updated information being overwritten. While the Outlook synchronization of contacts is bi-directional, it is important to note how the contact sync works in order to avoid losing information: If you sync contacts from Realhound to Outlook (Step 3 in the Outlook Sync), Realhound will overwrite all competing information in Outlook If you sync contacts from Outlook to Realhound (Step 5 in the Outlook Sync), Outlook will overwrite all competing information in Realhound If you sync contacts from both Realhound and Outlook simultaneously (Steps 3 and 5), Realhound will overwrite all competing information in Outlook. What this means is that if you add a new contact in either Outlook (or your Smart Phone) or Realhound it will not be an issue, however if you update any information in Outlook (or your Smart Phone) or Realhound, then you must sync only one way in order to avoid losing any updated information.

Outlook Synchronization – What Goes Where?

Introduction (Please Read): This document will provide you with an understanding of how different pieces of information will sync across between Realhound and Outlook using the Outlook Synchronization tool available in Realhound. 1. Recurring Calendar items and Tasks Realhound to Outlook – Each event of the Recurring Task or Calendar item will go across as a unique task or calendar item. Outlook to Realhound – The Recurring Task or Calendar item will go into Realhound as a single task or calendar item, without the recurrence. To adjust this, you can simply open the Task or Calendar item within Realhound and update the Recurrence preferences. 2. Task and Calendar Alarms Task and Calendar Alarms do not sync either direction. These can be updated after the sync by going into the Task or Calendar item and adding the desired alarm. 3. Phone Numbers Phone numbers will sync between Realhound and Outlook in the following manner:
Realhound Outlook
Phone 1                                          Business                                   
Phone 2 Business 2
Phone 3 Mobile
Phone 4 Home
Phone 5 Blank
Fax Business Fax
4. Email Addresses Email address will sync between Realhound and Outlook in the following manner:
Email 1 Email 1
Email 2 Email 2
5. Mailing Addresses Mailing Addresses will sync between Realhound and Outlook in the following manner:
Realhound Outlook
Primary Address (Companies & Contacts Screen) Business Address
Secondary Address (Companies & Contacts “Other” Section) Home Address                                           

Outlook Synchronization – File as Last Name, First Name

Introduction (Please Read):
This document will provide you with a process for overcoming the limitations of Outlook and change the sort order of contacts exported from Realhound to display in Last Name, First Name order. There is a free tool provided by a third-party software company which works for people on Windows XP or earlier for customizing the sort visibility of contacts.

Step 1: Download and install the plugin http://www.pocketpcfaq.com/raj/FileAs.html

Step 2: Follow Poket PC’s instructions to use the Last Name, First Name sort option.

Outlook Sync Quick Guide

Outlook Sync Quick Guide

Introduction (Please Read) This document will help you to sync your Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007 with the Realhound® Live! Program. The Outlook sync is only compatible with these two versions of Outlook. The Program will not sync with older versions of Outlook or Outlook Express. Ensure your login is not the administrator user name. You must have your own user name login and this user’s “ME” contact must have the primary email field filled in with your email address The Outlook Sync Window is broken up into 6 specific steps. These steps are: (see Page 2 for image of sections) Step 1 – The Refresh Folder List button. This button is very important and if you do not click this when you first open this screen your sync will do nothing and only appear to freeze your PC. This button tells the Program to scan your Outlook and all its folders so you can sync in the next steps. Step 2 – Selecting the folders you want to sync with from Outlook, if you did not press the Refresh Folder List button this drop down box will be empty please go back to Step 1 and click the Refresh Folder List button. This step also will also allow you to pick the folders from which you wish to sync emails from. Step 3 – Export to Outlook. This is used to get your information from the Realhound Live Program into down to your Outlook. You can Export Contacts, Tasks and Calendar items from this selection. Step 4 – This step works with Step 3, these selections of Emptying your outlook are only to be used when you are certain you want all your data in outlook deleted (Contacts, Tasks and Calendar items only not emails) Step 5 – Import from Outlook. This section is used to populate your Program with the data from your Outlook Contact Address book, Tasks and Calendar events. Step 6 – Start your Sync button. 4 (5) When you get to the Outlook Sync Screen you must first click on the Refresh Folders List Button in order for the program to recognize your Outlook and your Outlook folders. IMPORTANT: To start your sync for the first time, select only the option of import contacts found in Step 5. You will only sync contacts in your initial sync. Importing Tasks, Calendar Items, Emails and exporting down to outlook can be done after your initial Contact import. With your Contacts only import selection made click the start button. Once your contacts have been uploaded the Program from Outlook you can then proceed to sync in the rest of your tasks, calendar items and emails as you need. Important Tips ***Regarding the syncing of Contacts*** Export to Outlook – Contacts and Import from Outlook – Contacts at the same time, because the sync runs in the order of operations as the steps indicate (Step 3 comes before Step 5) the export to Outlook will happen first and then whatever data that just got exported to outlook will be imported from Outlook back into the Program. This is a loop of data from Realhound back to Realhound. Why does it not recognize your outlook data is more current? The Program uses a Priority Directional Sync. When selecting Export to Outlook, you are telling your computer that your Realhound data is more current and correct than your Outlook data, so it is acceptable to overwrite the contacts in my Outlook with everything from Realhound. The same goes for the Import from Outlook, but just the opposite – in this case you are saying that your Outlook is more current and correct than Realhound, so overwrite the Realhound Data with the data from Outlook. When syncing contacts you can import in your Outlook Categories as either a Group or a Contact Type. Importing the Category as a Group makes it easier if you want to simply Export a Group instead of your entire Program Database. TIP – You can mix and match your Import and Exports with Calendar Items, Tasks and Emails. You could run all these at the same time if you like. Unlike the Contacts these do not fall subject to the Priority Directional Sync. TIP – When importing emails, you will want to setup a folder called Realhound Sync to dump copies of your emails into. Syncing this folder allows you to maintain your current organization of your inbox without having to run the Outlook sync several times to get the emails from different folders you have. Just highlight all the messages you want to sync right click – hold and drag to your Realhound Sync folder let go of the right click and choose the option of Copy messages. Now you have the message in its original location and in your Realhound Sync folder ready to be synced. TIP – When importing emails grab your Sent items folder to get those email chains from clients that you responded to that were never made from the Program. Choose this option carefully as any personal emails will also be imported and then a contact will be created if you have the “Add new contacts from emails” option checked. ***Regarding the import and Export of Reoccurring Events in Calendars*** When trying to import a recurring event from Outlook you may find that it only imports the first instance of the reoccurrence then nothing else is imported. This is normal as the program has an incompatibility with Outlook reoccurring events. You can export your reoccurring calendar events that were created in Realhound® Live! to Outlook but they will not be editable in a series, each reoccurrence is separate and just like in the program would either need to be adjusted one at a time or all deleted and recreate the reoccurrence. If you want to know more specific information about each section of the sync process please see our complete Outlook Sync Guide on our website under the TechDoc section here; https://www.realhound.com/Pages/FindTechDocs.aspx . Just use the keyword, “Outlook”.