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How to Change All 0/1 Unit Types to Studio

How to Change All 0/1 Unit Types to Studio

Introduction (Please Read)
This document will help you perform a global replace by using the Data Doctor. This is a useful feature if you want to replace one description that shows up in the database for multiple properties. It can be used for many different fields in the database. Example: If you want to change all your Unit Type 0/1 to read Studio instead.

Step 1. Choose the “Data Doctor” option from the “Administration” menu.

After confirming your choice in the standard confirmation dialog, the “Data Doctor” screen will be displayed where you should click on the “Global replace” tab.
Step 2. Select Unit Type from the Table section
Step 3. Select Description in the Fields section
Step 4. Click on the Show Contents button. The Actual Data part of the screen will be populated.
Step 5. Find the field for which you want to replace the description, enter the new description within the Replace With field and click on the Replace Checked button. The following confirmation dialog will be displayed.

Step 6. Click on the “Yes” button to confirm the change and conclude the procedure.

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