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How to Stop SQL Server and Upload a SQL Database

How to Stop SQL Server and Upload a SQL Database

Untitled-1dsaIntroduction (Please Read)
This document will walk you through the steps needed to stop a SQL database and upload your database when requested.

Step 1: First Open the SQL Server Management Studio
Step 2: When Management studio comes up click on Connect to login to your SQL Server.
Step 3: Once logged in on the left pane you will notice your SQL Server name with a small Green circle with a Play Arrow inside of it. This is an indication that your SQL Server Services are running.

Step 4: Simply right click on the Server Name and select “Stop”

Step 5: Once the services are stopped the indicator on the Server name will turn red instead of Green. In the example below I could not really stop the services on a production database as it is being used. Perfect time to again mention everyone must be out of the Realhound Program when these steps are being taken.
Step 6: You must verify the file location of your database and the easy way to do that is straight from the same Management Studio screen.

Step 7: Right Click on your database name and select “Properties”

Step 8: You will get the Database Properties window.

Step 9: Click on “Files” on the left pane and the right pane will show you more properties regarding this area
Step 10: Every database consists of two thing a Data file and Log File we need both so to find out where they reside on the SQL server, look in the Right pane and scroll to the right to show the path locations.

Step 11: Now we can clearly see where the path directories of the files are and the names of the files we will need to copy.

Step 12: Next navigate to this location on the Server and locate the two files we saw under the Management Studio screen.

Step 13: Highlight both files and right click. Select “Send To” and then select “Compressed (Zipped) Folder”

Step 14: Once the database and log file are completely zipped copy them from this location to the desktop and use the Realhound Website to post the files up to us.

Step 15: Last step you must restart the SQL Service.

Step 16: Starting is the same as stopping , Right click on the SQL Server name and select Start.
Step 17: You can close the SQL Server Management Studio.

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