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Importing Photos For Multiple Properties

Importing Photos For Multiple Properties

Introduction (Please Read):
The purpose of this tech doc is to help you import photos for multiple properties at one time. In order for this procedure to function properly it is critical that the photos of the properties have the same names as the properties (e.g. a correct name for the photo of 7400 East Mcdonald Drive property would be 7400 East Mcdonald Drive.jpg).

Step 1 In order to start importing the photos, choose option “Data Doctor” from the “Administration” menu. After confirming your choice inside the confirmation dialog, the following screen will be displayed.
Step 2 To continue the procedure, click on the “File Sucker” tab in the upper right corner and then click on this icon to locate the folder the property photos are located in.

Step 3 Select the folder with the photos and click on the “OK’ button. The file sucker screen will be displayed again.
Step 4 First click on the “Match Files” button which will then match the photos from the folder with the related properties, based on the names.

Step 5 After the photos have been matched with the properties, click on the “Convert” button to attach the matched photos to the related properties. The following screen will be displayed.

Step 6 Click on the “OK” button to complete the procedure.

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