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Linking Tenants to Properties

Linking Tenants to Properties

Introduction (Please Read):

This document will provide you with the steps necessary to document a lease and link a tenant to the appropriate space in a property within the program.

1. Search for the appropriate property

2. Go to the Leases tab

3. If the space is already documented on the property record, simply select the appropriate space. If the space is not already noted on the property record, click on the first available row.

4. Enter in the appropriate information, including space number, floor, square footage, financial information, lease start and expiration dates, etc.
Lease Tab
5. With the appropriate space selected in the table at the top of the Leases tab, click on the lookup icon next to the Tenant (Lessee) field.

6. On the screen that appears, search for the appropriate tenant for the particular lease

7. Double-click on the contact’s name in the list or select it and then click the Select button at the bottom right.
Tenant Search
8. You will then return to the property record where you will see the contact in the Tenant (Lessee) field.

9. You can double-click on the contact’s name in the Tenant (Lessee) field and you will automatically be taken to the contact’s record. There you can click the Refresh button just above the Related Properties section. Doing this will enable the property to appear in the Related Properties section when the Lessee option is selected.

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