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Collaborate with your team and provide them with real time data, when you update a contact or property they will immediate have that update on their devide Download the Gantz comics!

One App For Everyone

Realhound® services Owners, Asset Managers, Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Corporations who need to not only track contacts, but also track the properties and the relationships of the contacts to each of those properties OneLand 8.5.

Amazing Search Capabilities

The Ability to search by any condition (Bedrooms, city, acres, status, etc.) and save that search Download Hero Siege. What’s even better is you can go through that list and drop properties as you go through and contact each property and keep moving efficiently through your list Download google map images.

Property Management

Enter data only once with them instantly syncing between devices Download the Securities app. Update contact and property information on the fly and track relationships between properties and contacts.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Enter data only once

Instant syncing between Devices

Email contacts or properties from within the app

Update contact information or property information

Add new properties on the fly

Track relationships between property and contacts

Track relationships between contacts

Emails and text create notes attached to each property, contact or both

Add and view multiple photos per property including floor plans

Import contacts from your phone, LinkedIn or Excel

Advanced search features for locating properties

Create tags for properties or contacts to improve search capabilities

Create call list for prospecting or just keeping in touch

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