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Need a DealFinder? We Have One.

Need a DealFinder? We Have One.

Everyone knows that money does not grow on trees. If it did, everybody would have it and nobody would want to work.  So we have come up with a way to make your work easier…DealFinder, Tenant Wizard and space/property auto-matching.

Do you like money? 

These features are going to put a lot of money in your pocket.  Do you like money?  Of course you do!  So the next time somebody in your office makes fun of REALHOUND®’s quirky name, just smile, nod and tell them that you have not gone to the dogs but are leading the pack.  After all, there is nothing wrong with being the Top Dog in commercial real estate.  So, you better start practicing your howl right now.

Everyone at some point in time has had a prospect who only wants a building in a very specific location. You know the type… “I want a 1990s or newer constructed office building in east Phoenix, east of SR-51 and within the Camelback business corridor.  It needs to have at least 15,000 SF available…” If you are like most brokers, you will have a general idea of the properties that might fit his needs as soon as he begins outlining his needs to you, but after a few days have passed, you have mentally moved on. Six months later, your prospect has closed with another broker.

This can be avoided by always setting up individual Buyers & Tenant Needs and by using DealFinder and Tenant Wizard. Introducing DealFinder & Tenant Wizard

DealFinder and Tenant Wizard

Both were designed to take the pain out of matching buyer and tenant needs with available properties while managing lists of both buyers and tenants. You can now effectively manage hundreds of buyers’ and tenants’ needs and maintain even the most complex requirements. The program automatically matches needs against available inventory in your property database.  When a match is found, the program will display the matching records.  As you show the matching properties or space to individual contacts, a history of shown properties can be stored in a contact’s record.

Consistently tracking buyer and tenant needs is a vital component to your success in commercial real estate. 

Once you have a well-maintained database of active buyers and tenants and a track record of successful deals, you are well on your way to becoming the market leader. With each new sale and lease transaction, your reputation for getting the job done grows in the marketplace.  Eventually, new clients will seek you out for your expertise. DealFinder gives you the ability to find and manage buyers in your database who want to purchase properties that match certain criteria that you have already specified for them under the Buyers & Tenants Needs tab (in the Contacts section of the program).

This feature is extremely useful when you are trying to locate a buyer for a property that is For Sale but you have not entered that property into your database. You need to manage a list of clients in a 1031 tax-deferred exchange and manage a general list of buyers. Example: You go to a meeting and another broker pitches a deal that requires $2,000,000 down. After the meeting, you search DealFinder for buyers that have at least $2,000,000 and a deal probability of 65% or greater.  Next, you run the deal past those buyers who qualify. Yes, this feature can make you a lot of money!

Using DealFinder

DealFinder is located in the Today section of the program on the DealFinder tab. 


If you found this helpful and you need to track your contacts, your vendors, and even your team within just a matter of seconds, it's all right here in the Realhound CRM.

Reach out to our sales team for a demo to learn more about how Realhound can help you manage your business, teams, and clients.

Call us: (949) 309-2810

Click here for a demo.

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