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Performance Benchmarks Test

Performance Benchmarks Test

Introduction (Please Read):
This document will teach you how to use REALHOUND’s internal Performance Benchmarks Test. This test is designed to find problem areas of interaction between the program, your hardware and your network in comparison to other REALHOUND users. If any problem areas are detected you can then work to resolve those specific issues.

Step 1: Login to your database. Under the Help menu select About REALHOUND… to bring up the Now Serving… screen.

Step 2: Click the Test button to begin the benchmarks.

Step 3: The program will run the benchmarks test for 30 seconds. Afterwards the results of the test will be shown. An Overall score between 40-60 is average. The lower numbers mean better performance. Your network speed, server speed, available server resources, program installation methodology, local computer speed and available memory will all impact your results.

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