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Property Photos – Sharing across a network so everyone can see your Pictures

Property Photos – Sharing across a network so everyone can see your Pictures

Introduction (Please Read):

This TechDoc is to familiarize you with the concepts of sharing your photos with so that other users that login to your network shared database can view your property photos.

** This TechDoc is written with the understanding you have already setup your Realhound on Network Share **

How Realhound Live Stores Property Photographs
Just where and how does Realhound store the photos you import?
Untitled-1 (76)
Every photo you import into the database is copied and stored in a Realhound folder created for that specific Property. They automatically go to the default install location of the program. This example is a locally installed Realhound so the path directory is C:\rhserver\realhnd\. This can be verified by clicking on the Documents button. This opens the file folder where Realhound stores the picture.

Here is the window that Realhound opens when you click on the Documents button.
Untitled-1 (77)
At the top you can see the Path Directory (Also known as the address) where the photo(s) is stored. Notice that the Folder directory is by the Property “zipcode Street address” in this folder you can see the photo name here matches the photo name on the overview screen. This is how the program stores photos by default.

In the next sections you will learn how to share your photos as part of your network install (or just Insure that it is mapped correctly).

Networked Realhound Installations – You all must have the same Drive letter

So you have your Realhound already installed on the Network and you want to make sure you photos are visible to everyone that logs into your database on the Network Shared drive.
1. Insure everyone on the team is using the same mapped drive letter. This is important to the settings covered a little later in this document.

In the screen shot we have You can see that the program was installed to a network drive letter R:
Untitled-1 (78)
And you can see the “Properties” folder listed in this install location of the “R” drive. This drive letter could be anything you choose, usually E – Z are the drive letters you can choose from. Again you want to make sure everyone on your team has the same drive letter.

Making sure the database is pointed to the correct location

Now since you have all the computers on the same Drive letter you want to make sure that the Photos you will import and anyone in the team imports show up on all your PC’s. In order to check this you must go to “File – Administration – Settings”.

Next you will get the setting window as shown below.
Untitled-1 (79)
It opens to “User Interface” by default we need to check and make sure the Documents are setup correctly Click on “Documents” tab.
Untitled-1 (80)
On the Documents Tab you can see the “Use Default Documents Locations” is checked. You want to uncheck this box and adjust the database setting for where it should look for the documents folders below. In this example it still thinks it is pointed to the C drive.

You will need these changed to reflect the Correct Path Directory for where you will store the Realhound Photos.
Untitled-1 (81)
By clicking on the folder icon to the right of this field you will open an explorer window to select the correct folders.
Untitled-1 (82)
Here you can see I navigated to my “R” drive and found my “Realhnd” folder and in that folder I have selected “Properties” and need to click on “OK”
Once I have selected the properties folder and clicked on “OK” I’m brought back to the Realhound Settings window.

Now my Properties folder reflects the correct Network Path Directory where the entire team can import and see photos. While here on this screen make sure you change the path directories for the other two “Documents” and “Templates”.
Untitled-1 (83)
Again Click on the Folder Icon to the right of the field to search for the correct folder on the network.
Untitled-1 (84)
Now that all the documents folders for Realhound have been properly mapped I can close this window and restart the program. Its advised to run a Tune Up on your database after you have remapped the settings. This will set the pictures so all networked users can see and add photos to the database.

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