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Property Photos- Troubleshooting

Property Photos- Troubleshooting

Introduction (Please Read):
The purpose of this techdoc is to help you troubleshoot any issues you are having getting your property photos to view correctly in Realhound.

First, property photos are not saved in your Realhound database. They are saved as attachments in the Properties subfolder of your Realhound program folder. You can see from the screenshot below the default location where your Property photos are saved. The subfolders that you see are automatically created by the program when you import the photos. You do not want to create these folders. To properly import your photos pleae view our techdocs on the subject.
There is one place in your Realhound program where you need to ensure the file location matches the location you have your Properties folder in. This is under File/Administration/Settings by selecting the Documents tab (seen below).
2 (1)
As you can see from the screenshot, I want to make sure my Properties Roots Folder matches that folder location shown at the beginning of this techdoc. This is what tells the program where to look for the property subfolders.

NOTE!!! You do NOT have to save your property photos and other attachments in the designated folders. If you want to, you can share those photos over a network drive. Just make sure to go to the location above and select the proper folder for your Realhound program to search for the files.

To check where your program is looking for your property photos, go to one of the properties in your database and hit the Documents button under the photo preview area (below, bottom).

This will open up the folder where your photos should be stored. If you do not see them in the folder, you have the wrong folder selected or do not have any files in.

If you have everything set correctly and can see files in that documents folder, check that you have proper file types for those photos. The file types allowed in Realhound for photos are jpg, bmp, png, tif, and gif. If you have other file types you will need to convert them to one of the above.

If all the settings above are correct and you still cannot automatically view your photos, remove the files from the property photo and reimporting them into the program.

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