The Commercial Real Estate Broker’s Most Powerful Weapon!


  • Advanced Administrative Database Tools (Data Doctor)
  • Advanced Contact Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Available Space Comparison
  • Automatic Back-up Feature & Upgrade Feature
  • Business & Employee (Satellite Company Location) Contact Structure
  • Buyer & Tenant Needs Auto Matching & Management
  • Calculator Emulations including HP12, HP10B and Custom Selection
  • Client Internet Access to Marketing Reports, Offers, Documents and Timelines
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office
  • Customizable User Fields
  • Demographic Data By Zip Code (By Property)
  • Diagnostic & Self-Healing Technology
  • Document Management
  • Duplicate Property and Contact Record Checking With Merge



  • Email Merge feature and Document Template Creation
  • Group Property and/or Contact Records
  • Import & Export Capabilities Including Field Mapping and Import Wizard
  • Integrated Property Database
  • Internet Database Sharing (ShareAnywhere®)
  • Internet Smart-links (Customizable Connections From REALHOUND to 3rd Party Websites)
  • Investment & Leasing Tools (Lease vs. Buy, Underwriting Analysis, Stacking Charts, sales & lease analysis etc)
  • Loan Tracking
  • Mapping Aerials & Bird Eye Property Views
  • Marketing/Property Listing Campaign Management and Client Reporting
  • Opportunity Management & Pipeline Reporting
  • Outlook Synchronization
  • Online File Transfers (FTP) with Embedded Link Document Sharing using EzDoc™


  • On-market Inventory Tracking
  • Phone Number, DNC & Reverse Lookup Functionality
  • Photo Storage, Editing, Optimization and Management
  • Project & Timeline Management
  • Prospecting & Cold Calling List Management and Tracking Tool (Which Include On-The-Fly Property & Market Analysis)
  • Radius & “Free Drawn” Polygon Map Searching
  • Reports: Standard & Custom Using Access 2003 with Water Marks and Custom Logo
  • Sales History Tracking
  • SmallTalk (Telephone Conversation & Icebreaking Feature)
  • Sticky Notes
  • Teach Me (Integrated Help Screens and Videos)
  • Team & Individual Access Rights
  • Trend Analysis (Rent, Sales & Lease)
  • Team & Individual Shared Calendar & Task List



Stop tracking your data in multiple systems. Realhound’s advanced CRM helps get you the vital information you need at a moment’s notice. 

Watch contact information and property data become one seamless system. You no longer have to track contacts, properties and activity in multiple places.

Watch contact information and property data become one seamless system. You no longer have to track contacts, properties and activity in multiple places.

When you are speaking with a tenant, you can view all of the properties that they have a leasehold interest in right on their contact screen.

Details such as lease expiration, renewal & purchase option dates, lease term, lease expiration and total lease consideration are at your finger tips.


View your Database Online! NO CLUMSY CONNECTION TOOLS! REALHOUND®’s unique ShareAnywhere is a first in the industry, giving you the speed of a desktop computer, with the flexibility of the internet.


Our hybrid technology uses the Internet as though it were your own personal office network, allowing you the freedom to share data with as many team members in as many different locations as you can imagine.


Unlike exclusively web-based applications, awkward VPN connections and remote access software, if your Internet connection goes down the program still operates normally.


As soon as your connection to the Internet is reestablished, your data is automatically updated. With REALHOUND®, you can use your database in the office, at home or even on an airplane 30,000 feet above the ground.



Give  your clients Internet access to your business stay ahead of time! By giving your clients access to property marketing reports, listing details, offer summaries, timelines and documents related to the properties that they own, and directly through their web browser, you will set yourself apart from your competitors.

Watch as changes made to your desktop database are automatically reflected on the Internet, saving you time, keeping you ahead of the competition and avoiding double data entry.

Your commercial real estate business is now open 24 hours a day – everyday.

What Are You Waiting For? Start your free trial today!

With more innovations than any other Commercial Real Estate CRM system, REALHOUND® is the ideal way to run any Commercial Real Estate business. Don’t follow the market… make the market follow you.
REALHOUND® Subscriptions include
  • Priority Tech Support
  • Unlimited Online Training
  • Unlimited ShareAnywhere Usage

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Dialing for dollars? Realhound® makes prospecting easy and fun! Make more money in commercial real brokerage by improving your cold calling.



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Simplest way to track buyer and tenant needs.

Accelerate Your Business by Tracking Buyer & Tenant Needs. REALHOUND® is designed to take the pain out of tracking Buyer & Tenant needs by storing, organizing and matching those needs to available properties and space with just the click of a button!

Consistently tracking buyer and tenant needs is a vital component to your success in commercial real estate.  Once you have a well-maintained database of active buyers and tenants and a track record of successful deals, you are well on your way to becoming the market leader.






REALHOUND® greatly simplifies the reporting process by providing hundreds of reports in an easy-to-use format. Need a Marketing Report? Get it with just the click of a button!


Need to provide your owner with a comp report or a prospective buyer with profiles on various properties? You’re done in a flash! With REALHOUND®s reports, it’s easy to manage your business.

Don’t like the hundreds of reports already in REALHOUND®? Fine – create your own! REALHOUND®’s Custom Report Genie gives you the tools needed to create your own reports. Talk to one of our team members for more information!


REALHOUND® makes prospecting fun! REALHOUND® greatly simplifies the prospecting process by helping you easily execute cold calls, target your contacts with direct mail, find missing phone numbers and identify potential properties for buyers and spaces for tenants, all from within your database. If cold calling is a part of your business plan, our IntelliCall feature will increase your chances of reaching property owners over the phone and getting new business from them when you do.





Bring your world together! REALHOUND® uses Microsoft Outlook as a bridge to send emails and to communicate with third party devices such as smart phones, PDAs & card scanners. The Outlook Sync also allows you to sync some or all of your contacts, including related property information and recent contact history sync tasks and calendar items to keep your schedule on course. Emails sent, received, or responded to inside of Outlook are automatically attached as a history note to the appropriate contact in your database – no double entry! If no contact exists in your database, REALHOUND® will create one for you!





Stop the paper chase! REALHOUND® has the most advanced document management capabilities on the market. Your documents are stored with your contact and property records. You can scan, cut, copy, drag, drop, create sub folders and attach files into your database. Security rights can be set on sub folders to restrict document access to certain users. If you need to find a particular document, just go to the related property or contact record. It’s that easy!





Keep your eye on the ball! REALHOUND® has a powerful yet simple to use project manager that will keep you and your team on track and on time.

Manage all of your property related projects, such as transaction timelines, escrows, marketing package assembly, build-to-suites, tenant & landlord representation, construction management and more.

Tasks can be assigned to different users and you can manage multiple projects from an executive summary screen. Imagine no more miscommunication or missed project deadlines for you or your team.


Do you have all of your data stored electronically in various places?  Is it in Excel, or REA, or ACT or Access or some other database tool?  If so, then we have the tools and the training to help you get it all into one program using REALHOUND!





Learning something new can be challenging when you have a hectic schedule. You know that you have to invest the time into learning your new CRM program to get the most out of it. But when will you find the time to read a thick user manual? If you are like most of our users– you never will. We understand this and offer additional resources on our website’s Support Menu to help you learn the program.

REALHOUND® is pleased to announce complimentary online training!

Now you can get REALHOUND® training online … Free!

Just choose the time and training level that works best for you, and email the trainer using the link below!

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*Please note — The Data Conversion class requires 24 hours advance notice.