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Realhound CRM, Let It Help You Keep Timely, Flexible, And Open Communication With Your Customers

Realhound CRM, Let It Help You Keep Timely, Flexible, And Open Communication With Your Customers

Customer service is crucial during the holidays and a pandemic to building trust with your clients and your business. During this time, it is also vital to have open communication channels. Let Realhound CRM help your business not become a casualty of un-organization. Let it help you keep flexible and open communication with your customers. Here are a few steps to consider for your holiday customer service plan and how to Realhound CRM can help.

First, create multiple templates in Realhound CRM to use for your- open communications and well wishes during the holidays.

It’s a well-known stat that ninety percent of customers want an immediate response, and 60% of customers define 'immediate' as 10 minutes or less. The best way to meet those time requirements is to have templates ready to send to your clients, contacts, and vendors to build trust with them that their business matters to you. Realhound CRM will let you create and store different kinds of templates and you can send them to  the designated contacts.

Second, take pictures and not just for social media, but for your client's notes.

In Realhound CRM, you can add photos of receipts, supplies, and other pertinent pictures with your clients, vendors, supplier’s notes so that you can pull all the information you need to talk to them when they call. Remembering a client’s information can help them feel special, and that’s what you need to build trust with your business contacts.

Finally, with all that’s going on these days, empathy and understanding goes a long way.

Keep in mind when sending an email to a client or vendor that they may be having a hard day and your note could be the nicest email they have read all day.


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