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Resolution Tree – General Program Error

Introduction (Please Read): You will do these steps ONLY if you have successfully run the program on your computer in the past. DO NOT skip steps or go out of order. Some steps will refer you to our knowledgebase for more information. Our knowledgebase can be found on...

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How to Capture a Screenshot

Introduction (Please Read) This document will provide you with the steps needed to capture a screenshot. Steps: Step 1 Open the screen you want to take a shot of. Step 2 Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard (note: it can be called “Print Scrn” or “Prt Scr” or...

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How to run the Diagnostic Trace for Support

Introduction (Please Read) This document will help you to run the built in Diagnostic Trace, the Diagnostic Trace is support tool that allows us to see what line of code is being run in your software and which line is not responding correctly. The Trace files help our...

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Performance Benchmarks Test

Introduction (Please Read): This document will teach you how to use REALHOUND’s internal Performance Benchmarks Test. This test is designed to find problem areas of interaction between the program, your hardware and your network in comparison to other REALHOUND users....

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