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Testimonials for Realhound® real estate app and classic, Our customer reviews guarantees the fact that the mobile and online Real Estate Software CRM solution you have been waiting for is Realhound®. Feel free to submit your own review by emailing us directly at the email linked below.


REALHOUND® Customer Reviews

I am a new commercial broker specializing in land and distressed commercial properties of all types. While my mentor is amazing and knows every piece of property in our market by memory, I needed a more structured, organized database system, and I chose REALHOUND®. REALHOUND® organizes the important details about properties and contacts and tracks communication on both. I can pull a property and have every piece of information in an instant. Not being very good with names, REALHOUND® provides an area to make a variety of cold call notes with easy referencing – making me a much better businessman. I can also quickly print marketing reports on listings that keeps my client happy and me looking good. I am becoming an expert cold calling machine with confidence knowing I have all the information organized and at my fingertips!

My former career as an NBA basketball player with Michael Jordan was fun, but there was nothing that I could do to compete at the same level. REALHOUND® is an amazing tool that has made me more effective than I ever thought I could be; it has given me the edge as I compete against the brightest real estate minds in our market. I wish I had a tool like REALHOUND® to give me the edge in my basketball career! Thank you for helping our land team close over $23,000,000 in deals in just the last three months of a very tough market… REALHOUND® has greatly helped me as a new commercial broker!

David Woods

Grubb & Ellis, Reno, NV

My team and I have been using REALHOUND® for the past year. I enjoy the many features REALHOUND® has to offer and I think it’s been a great tool in helping develop my real estate business. This program allows me to manage property data, contacts, leads and comparables all in one database. It’s easy to use and I highly recommend the software!

James Devincenti

Senior Vice President, Investments Marcus & Millichap, San Francisco

I first started using REALHOUND® a little over a year ago, and the results have been phenomenal. I have been happy with the various reports that I am able to run for my shopping center owners. I have been able to share tasks with my team members for marketing our properties. I would recommend REALHOUND® to any Real Estate professional.

Roxanne Stevenson

Senior Vice President, Colliers International, Reno, NV

REALHOUND® is AWSOME!!!! I just flat out LOVE the new system and I am HUGE on it. In fact, I require that all our new brokers read the book and attend 2 sessions per week.

We are going thru the Make More Money Book chapter by chapter every other day……..and I am learning a lot from it Bluetooth driver.
Thanks again!

Mike Spears, SIOR

Vice President, Brokerage Services The National Realty Group, Inc.

To All Who Will Listen: While I am a relatively new customer of REALHOUND®, I can attest to the power of this program. REALHOUND® is a phenomenal tool for streamlining one’s contacts, listings and marketing programs. The REALHOUND® marketing system is better than anything I have seen and provides an easy, efficient way to keep clients informed as to your progress with marketing their asset. Please consider REALHOUND® if you are in the market for a state-of-the-art CRM for commercial real estate professionals.

Gary Lyons

Managing Director , Sperry Van Ness AIM Real Estate Advisors, Raleigh

I just want to say that I am really just now beginning to realize what REALHOUND® can do to help me work smarter and more efficiently. I have been using REALHOUND® for more than a year now and have been reading more and taking time to see what this button and that button does and WOW is all I can say. It is an all in one tool for your everyday activities as a commercial broker. The property database is amazing and all the other little bells and whistles are icing on the cake. I highly recommend REALHOUND® to all commercial brokers. While it is a shame that many will not take the time to learn it and thus give up, it sure makes it that much easier for me to take more of their business!

Lee Wheeler

Broker, CCIM

I have been using REALHOUND® for four years and have had nothing but positive experiences with the database, your company and the technical support people. The database is an integral part of how I contact people and therefore sell properties and make money. I am very happy to have switched from ACT when I did.

Richard D. Butler

Vice President Investments Director, National Multi Housing Group Marcus & Millichap, Phoenix, AZ

Organization, timeliness, and consistency are some of the keys to success in commercial real estate. The hardest part is implementation and we can definitely all agree on that. A little over 12 months ago our brokerage team implemented the REALHOUND® CRM operating system and with great ease made a smooth transition out of multiple other CRM’s like REA, Access, and Outlook. 12 months later the results speak for themselves; our client retention has increased 45%. Our transaction timeline has decreased 33% with streamlined steps that are completed every time on time and before a crisis ensues. The greatest benefit has been to the owners of our listings. Reports are furnished on a weekly or monthly basis, every cold call is logged in, every sign call has been responded to and as each transaction develops, on every space the owner is up-to-date and confident nothing fell through the cracks because his brokers might be too busy.

REALHOUND® organized, shaped, and greased our team’s operating wheels. Organization, Timeliness and Consistency were all we needed for increased success.

Josh Landers

Vice President, NAI

When I first heard about REALHOUND®, I was unsure about how well it would work Download the geforce experience driver. Now that I have been using the program for over a year, I have been pleased with the results. I have been able to organize tasks for projects among my associates with ease. With all team members using REALHOUND®, we have become more effective at marketing our retail properties.

Rick Casazza

Senior Vice President, Colliers International, Reno, NV

I have owned REALHOUND® for 2 years now. My first year, I just used the bare minimum to help keep track of my owners and properties. This was enough to stay organized and make a little money. However, once I started to utilize the other key elements of REALHOUND® like photo management, reports, sales comparables and rent comparables, my business started to boom. Talking with clients on the phone became easier by just by using the information that was stored in my database. My clients knew that I understood my market better than anyone else and, as a result, I earned their trust. By using ALL the key elements that REALHOUND® has to offer, my market knowledge has improved , I’ve grown my business and increased my income. Thanks REALHOUND®!

Jason Smith

Nation Self Storage Group Marcus & Millichap, Salt Lake City

REALHOUND® has been a true marketing and data powerhouse for our retail team at Colliers International. Five of us utilize the software for our landlord marketing campaigns, reporting and tenant representation site selection process. REALHOUND® always syncs flawlessly within the team and increases our productivity by avoiding redundancies and utilizing existing broker/client relationships. I would, and have, recommended REALHOUND® to my colleagues and any one else in commercial real estate.

Shawn S. Smith, CCIM

Vice President, Colliers International, Reno, NV

Dear Realhound Team and to all who are considering REALHOUND®:

To the REALHOUND® Team I say “way to go!!”. This is one outstanding program which I intend to use for many years to come. The way REALHOUND® makes it possible to document and report activity, send email blasts, track property activity etc etc is wonderful. Your customer support through the internet and email is also praise worthy. Keep up the great work. I’m excited to begin using the InTouch feature.

To those considering the program… you probably won’t like it so don’t waste your time. I’m really the only person who can benefit from it. So just keep using your current spreadsheets and CRM programs. I’ll continue to struggle with REALHOUND® and give you the advantage!

Thank you

Peter G. Jaques

Des Moines, IA

Thank you for writing such a straight forward and easy to use program bootcamp windows 10 다운로드. REALHOUND® has been a valuable tool in growing my Colorado retail brokerage business.

Rob Edwards

Senior Retail Advisor, Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors, Denver, CO

As much as I am impressed with how the REALHOUND® software continues to bring sanity into my Commercial Real Estate business, I am even more impressed with the patience and the responsiveness of the REALHOUND® Support Team as we have challenged their resources over this past year. It was easy to be attracted to the product after reading “Mountains of Money” and realizing that this software was developed by people who “feel my pain” as a broker who lives and dies each day trying to organize information on a market of properties and a database of contacts. However, I had no idea that so many work-flow processes would be available that allowed me to actually USE that information to increase my business.

REALHOUND® has allowed me to actually work smarter and not just harder over the past few months and as we make use of the training that comes with our subscription, we finish every week with a new appreciation for how to use and benefit from the program. It is almost scary to think that I may become as addicted to REALHOUND® as I have become to Outlook and email, but I can honestly see the day coming soon!
Thank you Andrew, Cass and all of the folks who reflect the commitment to each of us who share the pride in being REALHOUND® customers.

Sperry Van Ness “Ambassador of the Year for 2006”
Member, Sperry Van Ness “Partners Circle for 2006”
Winner, CCIM Partners “Transaction of the Year for 2006”
Winner, CCIM-Virginia Chapter, “Transaction of the Year for 2004 & 2006”
Sperry Van Ness, Virginia

Jim Tucker, CCIM

Senior Investment Advisor


I’m on the 30-day trial period with REALHOUND® as well as REA and have about a week left on each. The difference between these programs and more traditional contact management programs like Outlook and Act is their Property feature. This allows you to inventory and manage all of the information on the properties you want to keep track of whether they be your own listings or every single building in your market. Of course, they are also tied directly to your contacts.

*The verdict – REALHOUND® wins.*

REALHOUND® offers DAILY live online training webinars, at no cost, with plenty of opportunity for Q&A. Although, REA is actually cheaper in the long run [if you don’t have a maintenance contract or pay for training], I don’t find it to be as user friendly or as robust. They say that market knowledge and contact management are the lifeblood of our business so I’ve yet to see another program out there that can better manage both…

Bennet Sebastian

Coldwell Banker Commercial NRT, Maitland, FL

Thank you REAHOUND®. Your program is the backbone of my business and I would be lost with out it. I have used many different database programs over the years, including ACT and File Maker Pro. Nothing can compare to the ease of use and practicality that the REALHOUND® platform provides.

Stephen M. Pagones

Premier Apartment Advisors, Alameda, CA

I have been a REALHOUND® user for over a year now and found that it helps me keep track of my clients from beginning to end. I am able to see their buying trends and history. It allows me to match prospects to potential deals. This saves loads of time from having to search through endless contact lists and Excel spreadsheets for a possible deal – I can do it with the click of a button. The software also allows my team to stay in the loop and keep tabs on each other. We rely on the “follow-up” tool to see who’s tasks are completed and what the next steps are cgi 파일 다운로드.

This is a great tool for any Commercial Real Estate Agent/Broker looking to make their career much smoother.

Firas Naji

Director of Sales , Network Commercial Real Estate, LLC, Tinley Park, IL

On our team of 7 brokers, nearly everyone was using a different product for their contact/task management and property databases. None of them were working very well because none of them were designed to do what we needed. We needed cost-effective software that would not only integrate our team, but would enhance our marketing efforts and client services. I personally researched a number of options and, in the end, we all knew that REALHOUND® was the right choice for us. I highly recommend this software.

Scott Busch

Sperry Van Ness, Raleigh, NC

I have been using your software for the past two years. I can confidently say that your program’s features, training and support have assisted me in not only better organizing my business but also growing my business. Since I started using your ShareAnywhere® technology, the additional connectivity between my business partner’s database and my own over the Internet has taken us to another level.

Matt Amos

National Multi Housing Group Marcus & Millichap, Cincinnati, OH

I have used Realhound for approximately 10 years. We are very happy with it. We specialize in selling apartment properties and as a part of our business do quite a bit of market research and use Realhound to hold all our data.

George Tikijian, CCIM

Tikijian Associates, Multihousing Investment Advisors

Thank you for designing a great program. It allows me to tremendously leverage my time and establish more relationships with more principals than previous programs have done. It let’s me cold/direct call faster than other brokers I know because, when used properly, I can make each call targeted rather than random. I relate properties and tenants easily making a large market more digestible/reachable. I look forward to growing a $1M gross brokerage business a year into a $2M gross brokerage business per year with your program!!

John B. Collins

Lee & Associates, Newport Beach, Inc.

REALHOUND® has been a great tool for me to build my business. As a retail broker, the collection and storage of real-time property information is absolutely critical. I searched far and wide between all CRM programs. None can touch REALHOUND®!

Jason Ortiz

National Retail Group Marcus & Millichap, Fort Collins, CO

After purchasing and being frustrated by products from your “competitors” I was lucky enough to have a fellow broker suggest REALHOUND® to me 3ds max 2017 vray. Frustrated with the other software offerings, I downloaded the REALHOUND® trial, hoping it would at least be a little bit better than what I was using. After using the software for just a short time, it became very evident that REALHOUND® was something special. The other software went in the trash and I’ve been happily using REALHOUND® ever since.

Thank you for creating such a great tool. You have a customer for life.

Robert S. Hatrak II

Investment Division Colliers International, Las Vegas, NV

Just a note to let you know that REALHOUND® has really helped organize my business by allowing my team members to access all of our clients and their associated properties simultaneously in one effective database. Your program has also allowed us to easily create marketing campaigns that produce great looking reports for our clients. You guys have raced ahead of your competition– keep up the solid work!

Scott Wayne

Senior Associate, Net Leased Properties Group Marcus & Millichap, Denver, CO

My experience during the past year while using the REALHOUND® software has been phenomenal. Both the technical support and usage instruction is consistent, convenient, and well designed. I absolutely plan on continuing my use of the software and have been thoroughly satisfied with my experience.

Matthew Snyder

Senior Associate, National Multi Housing Group Marcus & Millichap, Cincinnati, OH

I have been in the commercial real estate business for over 30 years and have been a CCIM for over 25 years. During that period of time I have tried nearly every type of software to manage my business including Act, Goldmine, REA and many others. REALHOUND® is the best system available. It was developed by commercial brokers for brokers – I highly recommend the product.

Randall C Handy, CCIM

Seaford, Delaware

REALHOUND® has been an awesome tool for me especially with cold calling and the ability to interact with my staff regarding property updates such as new listings, in escrows and closed deals. The ability to have this at my fingertips has taken my cold calling to another level.

Thank you!


Marcus & Millichap, Long Beach, CA

I have been a REALHOUND® customer for over 2 years now and my expectations have been far exceeded. I’ve used other Real Estate databases programs in the past and I have concluded that your program is the best CRM tool on the market for Real Estate Professionals. The program is an effective tool for prospecting, deal management, and even research. I highly recommend your product to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.

Jeff Mueller

Marcus & Millichap, Denver

When it came down to choosing which commercial real estate contact management software I was going to build my database with, my researched determined REALHOUND® was the obvious choice. Specializing in Industrial properties, I had a need to be able to quickly discern what each building’s physical characteristics are. The speed that I am able to see images of each property as I am contacting them provides me that edge that I need to communicate effectively with clients Download Google Maps.

Every day I seem to find another feature that saves me time in some way or another. I can’t imagine running my business with anything else.

Rob Laurie

National Office and Industrial Properties Group Marcus & Millichap, Long Beach

I have used REALHOUND® for a year now and could not be happier with the program. Everything from property/contact data management to cold calling and reports this program makes my job easier. It has made my job more efficient and kept me organized. The program is extremely user friendly and customizable. I strongly recommend REALHOUND® for anyone working in commercial real estate. I can’t imagine running my business with anything else.

Scott Jason Peterson

National Office and Industrial Properties Group Marcus & Millichap, Fort Collins

I’m in my third year in the business and I continue to come back to REALHOUND® year after year. With all of the products on the market, it would be easy to make the switch to another program, but the reliability, tech support and ease of use keeps me happy with REALHOUND®. The layout puts everything right in front of me and allows me to transition quickly between my contacts and their properties. And just in case there is a problem, the tech support crew is quick to respond and very knowledgeable.

Thanks for another great year.

Timothy McKay

Associate Marcus & Millichap, Seattle

Your commercial real estate contact management software has been a central part of my business. I hear other guys in the office complain about their database management systems, while I happily search, map and call contacts. I converted from another system and highly recommend Realhound above others.

David M. Weglarz

Marcus & Millichap, Oakland

To Whom it May Concern, I just wanted to let you know that REALHOUND® is a great product, easy to use, comes with wonderful customer service and has helped in the success of my business.

Thank You

Pasha Darvishian

Senior Associate Marcus & Millichap, Irvine, CA

There is a difference between a general contact management program and a program that can actually make you MORE money in commercial real estate. REALHOUND® is the one that makes you MORE money. It integrates efficiencies and market knowledge into one easy to use application that can make a new agent sound like a 10+ year seasoned commercial veteran on the telephone. It has been a huge part of my continued success in the business.
Best Regards,

Mike Jaworski

Marcus & Millichap, Tampa, FL


I have used multiple database applications and REALHOUND® was the only program that really added some value to my business. Thanks to your commercial real estate software my business is much more organized. I would recommend it to anyone entering or currently in the field of real estate brokerage

Jeff Seaman

National Multi-Housing Group Marcus & Millichap, Phoenix


I have used three competitive real estate programs in the past (Outlook, Simple Remote and one other) and have found REALHOUND® to be superior in every regard. The relational database for linking properties and clients as well as the interface with Outlook is especially useful. Your commercial real estate software’s Internet features enables me to easily access the database from office, home or when traveling 새폴더.
Keep up the good work!

Allen Smith

Marcus & Millichap, Charlotte

It is refreshing to work with software that was designed by people who truly understand the commercial brokerage industry. I am a repeat customer, and have had a lot of success using this program.

Brian Smuckler

Senior Investment Associate Director, Nation Multi Housing Group Marcus & Millichap, Phoenix

Dear REALHOUND® and Potential REALHOUND® User, I want to share with you our positive experience that we’ve had and continue to have with your program. Our team had tried several alternative real estate programs that left us with a bad taste in our mouth because we had less than desirable results. So I want to go on record and tell you that implementing your software in our business was like experiencing a breath of fresh air. At first, I didn’t want anyone else in the office to know about your commercial real estate software, but then I decided to let my fellow colleagues in on my secret weapon because it made such a difference in our business.

REALHOUND® is easy to use, retrieves information quickly and has much more functionality than other commercial real estate contact management software applications. The program really feels like it was custom tailored for our business. Your Customer Support is quick, friendly and most importantly, knowledgeable. If I ever have a snag they have always come through with a workable solution (I rarely have a snag with the program, but do suffer from user error from time to time!). Your program truly allows a User to make the data they work so hard to collect, very useful.

REALHOUND® is very hard to beat and helps us serve our clients and run our business with exceptional quality. Thanks for a great program!

Benjamin E. Bivens

Investment SalesRealse Estate Investment Services Marcus & Millichap, Charlotte


I am finding that your program allows me to guide my clients through a significant amount of real estate product in a very short amount of time. With the program, we can review with pictures, evaluate locations and read over relevant information regarding a specific property with our clients thereby developing a strategy to a specific path towards a transaction.

Great job!

Casey T. Gallagher

CB Richard Ellis

My team and I use REALHOUND® on a daily basis to manage our database. We have been very pleased with the product and find the marketing campaign tool especially useful in categorizing our marketing details for each one of our listings. Thanks REALHOUND® for making our jobs a lot easier!

Chico LeClaire

Senior Vice President, Investments Marcus & Millichap

Below, you will find the text that I send to those who contact me to see what I think of REALHOUND®. I will add to that first by saying the response to our questions/needs from REALHOUND® has been off the chart fabulous. Not many presidents of software companies have ever called me at 9pm on my cell phone to make sure the software is doing what we need 새찬송가ppt 전곡. We are into a full blown integration of the software in our office, and it will enable deal velocity unknown to brokers in the past.

I am currently working on developing a regional office for the D.C. suburbs and will require all Advisors in that network to use REALHOUND®. The opportunities it offers are astounding. My fantasy is that SVN will adopt and use REALHOUND® on a national basis so one day I will click “Match Buyers” and have a list of dozens of buyers all represented by SVN brokers who can buy my listing.

Finally, while I have no gripe with IT Professionals, I believe the decision to use a software package should be made by brokers, not technical people. Putting a tool like REALHOUND® into the hands of brokers will result in the exponential growth of revenue. Thanks for listening – here’s my summary list. I’ve been in commercial brokerage for 27 years and have owned my own firm for 19 years. I can tell you this – REALHOUND® is not perfect but it is far superior to any database/CRM software I have ever seen or used. I used ACT! for many years.

It is a good database but REALHOUND® takes you from good to GREAT.Here are the main points/reasons why I love it Keeps track of your property listings and properties in your market that you want to prospect
Enables you to connect contacts with properties they own or are related to i.e.listing broker, partner in a property etc.

Enables you to attach and store photos, files, reports, documents etc easily to each property record
Offers a unique function where you can match buyers with properties for sale and/or properties for sale with buyers. Same functionality for spaces for lease & tenants seeking space.
Enables you to provide your client with a report detailing all of your marketing efforts, calls in, calls out, postcards mailed etc. Nobody has this.

Has a built – in underwriting/analysis software similar to Argus but much easier to use that creates reports like the one attached.Makes creating a cold calling/prospecting list a snap.
Has a feature to geo code all of your properties that then allows you to get bird’s eye view, aerial and maps with one click directly from REALHOUND® Anyone in commercial real estate should have and use this software – period. I am not a paid endorser for the product, I just love it.

Richard Vaaler

Managing Director , Sperry Van Ness Vaaler Real Estate

REALHOUND® ROCKS! Finally, we no longer have to navigate multiple software products to manage contacts, inventory, analysis, and calendar. REALHOUND® is the one program that does it all, PLUS mapping, photographs, and presentation-quality reports. It defines relational databases, and is the hands-down best program for managing our business. Your experience, creativity, and GREAT support are what really make this product shine.

Dale Thomsen

Transaction Coordinator, CB Richard Ellis

Managing a database for a 9-person team including 6 Commercial Real Estate agents can be quite the task Space Empathy! We always ran into data management issues with other programs…until we made the switch to REALHOUND® IP. Now, I get more done in less time, with less effort. I highly recommend REALHOUND® IP to anyone who asks. Thanks for making it possible.

Jamie L. Franzen

Marketing & Research Coordinator, Sperry Van Ness Commercial Real Estate Advisors

I just read the “Buckets of Money” article and after trying out some of the features in the article… I felt compelled to tell you I love you. It’s not every day I fall over head over heals in love because of a software program!

But seriously, after reading the article this morning, it really got the gears turning in my head how easy it will be to do my job and make my boss even more successful & organized. It was like a light bulb went on! Up until now, I was doubting if there was anything that would move us ahead of the other agents. You offer excellent solutions & advice on handling those evil tasks every real estate agent dreads. (like handling cold-calling with REALHOUND®) The other agents are curious why I am “ooohing and aaahhing” over here. I’ve never met a more intelligent database program than this. All of a sudden, I’m using one program for everything. How cool is that! If I could just figure out how to get REALHOUND® to make me some lunch… but I know you are probably working on that feature. You guys are light years ahead of the game. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Robin Steward

Marcus & Millichap, Phoenix, Arizona

I was previously using Simple Remote, and I must say your customer support is superior.

Jason Ayers

Office Leasing Specialist Rein & Grossoehme

I have been using REALHOUND® IP and it’s a powerful program–nice job on the many updated features. We will use it in earnest!

Christopher E. Toci

Executive Director, Capital Markets Group Cushman & Wakefield of Arizona, Inc.

Thanks for twisting my arm and getting me to ditch the old REALHOUND® and getting the NEW REALHOUND® IP. I, like many others, hate change! However, the New REALHOUND® IP has exceeded beyond my greatest expectations, and at the same time left all the “good old stuff” from the old program.

I had my doubts about your adding a program that included a good client manager. Once again, with the New REALHOUND® IP I was pleasantly surprised. Great work!

Tom Heal

National Senior Advisor , Principal Broker Sperry Van Ness

Having a great time using the program! With REALHOUND® IP I spend less time organizing my data and spend more time making money. Thanks for everything.

Eric R. Wolfe

Investment Associate National Multi-Housing Group Marcus & Millichap, Phoenix, Arizona

The commercial real estate industry is like a chess game. That is, one needs to be able to think several moves ahead in order to advise clients on how to improve cash flows and increase portfolio values. REALHOUND® IP helps me do this efficiently and accurately and has been an incredibly worthwhile investment in my business 유오기.

Thank You

Pete Te Kampe, SIA

Marcus & Millichap, Phoenix, Arizona

The system works and we are very happy!

Eric Comer

CB Richard Ellis, San Diego

“You guys are excellent. Keep up the good work. Love the program, very helpful…”

Raymond W. Lord


“As always, we truly appreciate all you have done for us with the software. I am very happy with the progress of REALHOUND® IP and look forward to each new release.”

Michael Narula

Investment Real Estate Associates, Miami

I want to thank you for having put out a program that specifically targets multifamily property brokers. By integrating Access and Act! into REALHOUND® you have taken the most important database and contact management programs and seamlessly integrated them into one synthesized, easily utilized whole.

The program is very stable (even the earliest versions never crashed) and offers virtually every feature that a broker could ask for. Your willingness to consider and implement changes based on customer feedback is extraordinary. Equally important, I have found your technical support to be excellent even though I invariably throw you questions out of left field.

Watching the steady enhancements of Apartment Professional has been a pleasure and I look forward to our continued relationship…

Bob Patterson

CB Richard Ellis, San Gabriel Valley Multi-Housing Team

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