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Data Imports? Have no fear; We Have a Wizard and Doctor to Help Us.

Data Imports? Have no fear; We Have a Wizard and Doctor to Help Us.

Data Imports? Have no fear; We Have a Wizard and Doctor to Help Us.

There are only two ways to warehouse all of your data—the easy way and the hard way.  The easy way is to use the companion software, REALHOUND®. The hard way is to use anything else.  When you choose to use REALHOUND®, your data is stored in the most advanced database that you can buy for your business.  It organizes your data so you can retrieve it quickly and logically.   It has a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) component that helps you develop and maintain client relationships by tying their contact records directly to the property that they are related to. 

The key to any database is to keep the information current.  Even if you have already created a database that has information that is relevant to your business and has also created contacts, teams, and vendor lists, you are on the right track.

As a successful business owner, you will need to track information related to your company, which could include other owners, teams, vendors, new construction, and properties that are the ones you use most.  Most of your (or your team's) database efforts will be spent keeping this information current and recording the conversations that you have with your contacts in their contact records.  Consider your database to be your very own goldmine that, if maintained properly, will yield you a tremendous time-saving aspect of your business.

Our goal for creating a database is to have contact phone numbers, addresses, and needed photographs all in one place. REALHOUND® has a robust import mechanism.

The Easy Import Wizard

Data can be easily imported into the program without complicated field mapping using the Easy Import Wizard.  The Easy Import Wizard works by copying data from one Excel spreadsheet and pasting that data into the correct columns in another Excel spreadsheet that is created by the Easy Import Wizard. After all of the data has been pasted into the newly created spreadsheet, the Easy Import Wizard will automatically bring the data into the program.

Warning: Always backup your original database before you attempt to import any new data into it. There is always a chance that you will corrupt your original database with any new data import, in which case, you will be thankful that you took the time to backup. From the File menu, select Backup Agent.

Data Doctor Fixes and Cleans Your Data

A truly unique feature of the program is the data management suite called Data Doctor.  Data Doctor allows you to globally change the data in your database and perform duplicate checking on your data.  There are over 75 data management and cleansing features in this section of the program.

Always, Always, ALWAYS backup your original database before you attempt to use any feature in Data Doctor. There is a significant chance that you can drastically change your entire database using Data Doctor, in which case, you will be thankful that you took the time to backup.

Input your information into a new database.

Data can be imported or input manually into REALHOUND®.  Anything that can be put into an Excel spreadsheet can be imported into the program by mapping the data fields or by using the Easy Import Wizard. If you choose to key in your data by hand, we recommend that you start inputting your data on the Property Overview screen. With REALHOUND® you have the possibility of storing an unlimited number of properties and contacts in your database.

Easily Find Phone Numbers Using REALHOUND ®'s Smart-Links

In the past, organizing your contacts was arduous, time-consuming work.  In many cases, the information that you were able to glean about a property owner was only partially complete or no longer current. Finding accurate contact information for each prospect in your database is critical to your success, but that doesn't mean that it should take you all day to find. That's why we created Smart-Links and integrated them into the program.

Smart-Links are pre-set connections from your REALHOUND® database to some of the more useful websites on the Internet.  When you use a Smart-Link, information about a contact or vendor is automatically sent to the corresponding website, and information is retrieved without manually entering data on the site.

Smart-Links can also be customized entirely to send information from your REALHOUND® database to your favorite websites with a click of a button.

Let's get started saving you time and money with all of your contacts in one place. Ulti-muttly, your business needs a CRM, give us a call. Spot our mobile app in the app store and Google Play. 

If you found this helpful and you need to track your contacts, your vendors, and even your team within just a matter of seconds, it's all right here in the Realhound CRM.


Reach out to our sales team for a demo to learn more about how Realhound can help you manage your business, teams, and clients.

Call us: (949) 309-2810

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