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Tune-up for SQL Database

Introduction (Please Read)
This document will help you perform a tune-up of your SQL database in addition to the Realhound tune-up. This SQL tune-up should be completed on a weekly basis to keep your database running at full speed.

Step 1.Log out of your Realhound database and ensure that all other users are logged out of the database as well. It is imperitive that all users are logged out of the database before performing this tune-up. Failure to do so will cause irreversable damage to your database.

Step 2. Go to the Realhound program folder on your machine housing the SQL database. The program folder will be located by default in C:/rhserver/realhnd. Inside this folder you will see the file 'reindex.sql'. Double-click on this file to run the SQL tune-up.

The SQL reindex performs the following functions...

1. Performs its own reindex

2. Rebuilds the temporary fields within the database
(many things are denormalized in the database for speed,
such as related contact names on the task list, these are refreshed)

3. Fixes any invalid records in the database
(these can occur if a program loses network connection
during a read/write process)

4. Verifies all of the primary keys in each table

5. Deletes any orphan records that may not have been
deleted through normal processes if SQL Server had them locked

6. Verifies the structure of the database against a current baseline
(if we add fields, this is how they get added to the database)

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