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Urecognized Database Format- How To Resolve


This document will help you if an error message arises when you attempt to open your database saying 'Unable To Login- Unrecognized Database Format'.

This error message will come up if the database was not saved properly the last time the program was closed. This can be caused by turning off the computer with the program open, or from closing the database while it is saving to the hard drive.

There is one possible solution to repair the database. If the database cannot be repaired, you will need to restore the database from a back-up. Below are the steps to repair the database.

Step 1: Find your database file. The default location for the database file is under C:/rhserver/realhnd and has the file extension of .mdb.

Step 2: Double-click on the database file to open it directly in Microsoft Access. You will most likely see the same error message upon opening.

Step 3: Once Access is open, go to Help/Detect and Repair. This will run a tool that will attempt to repair and open the database file. If the tool completes, make sure to go to File/Exit to properly close the program. You can then open the database in Realhound.

If the repair tool in Access cannot fix the database, you will need to restore from a back-up of your database to gain access again. For assistance in restoring from a database back-up, please visit our techdoc on restoring a back-up, linked below.

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